Boost your immune system

Written by Eduard de Wilde on 16-Apr-2020 09:31:34

Corona spreads rapidly around the globe and worldwide more and more people are infected. In these times taking care of our bodies and building…

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My experience with the ' 21-40 Years of Zen in seven days' Neurofeedback training

Written by Eduard de Wilde on 31-Oct-2019 09:32:41
From the 3rd till the 10th of October 2019 I attended a neurofeedback training at the BioCybernaut Institute in Germany. In this post, I will explain…
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Experiences of a biohacker: the Carnivore Diet

Written by Eduard de Wilde on 27-Jun-2019 14:14:45

The Carnivore Diet is a hype on social media. Supporters and opponents debate each other with impassioned arguments. I wanted to form my own opinion…

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Testimonial: Staying Bulletproof while on vacation

Written by Alexander Quarles van Ufford on 05-Oct-2018 11:14:20

Implementing the Bulletproof lifestyle requires discipline and planning. This can pose certain challenges, even in every-day life, let alone while…

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Natural anti-ageing - My 13 Anti-Ageing strategies

Written by Eduard de Wilde on 22-Jun-2018 10:17:51

In this post, I share with you the instruments I use for natural anti-ageing . Most of them target the mitochondria, the powerhouses of the body. The…

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More sleep, less fatigue, more energy

Written by Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:15:24

Are you in a bad mood after a night's poor sleep, too? Do you have difficulty concentrating, even after four cups of coffee? This isn't surprising when…

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Buying concentration pills? You don’t have to!

Written by Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:10:32

Do you also have trouble concentrating sometimes? Are you considering getting pills or supplements to improve this? Most people have trouble…

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Improve concentration by using the sun

Written by Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:09:08

Do you also experience those days where it's sunny outside and your working inside, but can't concentrate at all? Does this make a little unhappy, too?…

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Meditation tips: improve your concentration for free

Written by Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:07:33

Do you have trouble concentrating or do you feel stressed? Try meditation to solve both problems at the same time! No wonder that we are easily…

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LiveHelfi's Gift Guide

Written by Dagmar Bouwer on 01-Dec-2017 13:25:55

Do you also find it challenging to come up with gift ideas for the holidays? Or are you buying gifts for one of those strange biohackers that drink…

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