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Natural anti-aging - My 13 Anti-Aging strategies

Eduard de Wilde on 22-Jun-2018 10:17:51

In this post, I share with you the instruments I use for natural anti-aging . Most of them target the mitochondria, the powerhouses of the body. The better they function, the more energy you have. When you age you have less of them and their performance decreases .

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More sleep, less fatigue, more energy

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:15:24

Are you in a bad mood after a night's poor sleep, too? Do you have difficulty concentrating, even after four cups of coffee? This isn't surprising when you understand how important sleep is for good health, concentration, motivation, and mood!

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Buying concentration pills? You don’t have to!

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:10:32

Do you also have trouble concentrating sometimes? Are you considering getting pills or supplements to improve this? Most people have trouble concentrating now and then. You don't need drugs to concentrate well. There are many solutions you can try right now for free!

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Improve concentration by using the sun

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:09:08

Do you also experience those days where it's sunny outside and your working inside, but can't concentrate at all? Does this make a little unhappy, too? You instinctively know the solution to both problems: by spending some time outside in the sun!

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Meditation tips: improve your concentration for free

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:07:33

Do you have trouble concentrating or do you feel stressed? Try meditation to solve both problems at the same time! No wonder that we are easily distracted, with so many stimuli constantly trying to draw our attention. Not only does this environment reduce our ability to concentrate, it is also very stressful. You are afraid you'll miss something important when you don't respond to this message right away or don't finish that task right now. By trying to keep up with everything, you can't focus on your work and it seems like nothing ever gets done.

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LiveHelfi's Gift Guide

Dagmar Bouwer on 01-Dec-2017 13:25:55

Do you also find it challenging to come up with gift ideas for the holidays? Or are you buying gifts for one of those strange biohackers that drink buttered coffee? These are some gift suggestions from LiveHelfi for people who want to improve their mental and physical performance.

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Why you want to drink KIMERA Koffee | VIDEO

Eduard de Wilde on 09-Nov-2017 20:40:49

Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee is ground coffee mixed with Nootropics. Nootropics are supplements that focus on improving your cognitive performance, such as memory, concentration, alertness and learning. The nootropics in Kimera Koffee are natural amino acids that are commonly found in protein rich foods.

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The Power of a Morning Ritual

Eduard de Wilde on 20-Oct-2017 13:24:00

How you start your day in the morning sets the pace for the rest of the day. Here, I will discuss my morning ritual that gets me started every day and how you can design your own morning routine.

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How to improve concentration

Dagmar Bouwer on 18-Aug-2017 11:14:00


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My experience with a 5-day fast

Eduard de Wilde on 01-Aug-2017 11:21:00

Why 5 days water fasting? 

My goal is to test all different methods of (intermittent) fasting. Normally I drink a Bulletproof coffee in the morning (Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting) and wait till 2 pm to eat. But many times I don't eat at all until 2 pm.

I was inspired to do a 5-day fast after reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, chapter Dominic D'Agostino. There Dominic D'Agostino introduces the idea of a 'purge fast': 'If you don't have cancer and you do a therapeutic fast 1 to 3 times per year, you could purge any precancerous cells that may be living in your body' (Tools of Titans page 24). Tim Ferriss now aims for a 3-day fast once per month and a 5-7 day fast once per quarter.

The longer the fast, the deeper the cleansing of your body. There is scientific evidence that suggests that fasting for 3 days or longer can effectively 'reboot' your immune system. When you are fasting your body comes in a renewal modus. It starts to cleanse itself and makes it ready for survival. When fasting, your body switches from glucose to fat as the primal fuel source. Fat is turned into ketones. When this happens, you are in ketosis .

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