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More sleep, less fatigue, more energy

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:15:24

Are you in a bad mood after a night's poor sleep, too? Do you have difficulty concentrating, even after four cups of coffee? This isn't surprising when you understand how important sleep is for good health, concentration, motivation, and mood!

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Buying concentration pills? You don’t have to!

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:10:32

Do you also have trouble concentrating sometimes? Are you considering getting pills or supplements to improve this? Most people have trouble concentrating now and then. You don't need drugs to concentrate well. There are many solutions you can try right now for free!

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Improve concentration by using the sun

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:09:08

Do you also experience those days where it's sunny outside and your working inside, but can't concentrate at all? Does this make a little unhappy, too? You instinctively know the solution to both problems: by spending some time outside in the sun!

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Meditation tips: improve your concentration for free

Dagmar Bouwer on 09-Mar-2018 12:07:33

Do you have trouble concentrating or do you feel stressed? Try meditation to solve both problems at the same time! No wonder that we are easily distracted, with so many stimuli constantly trying to draw our attention. Not only does this environment reduce our ability to concentrate, it is also very stressful. You are afraid you'll miss something important when you don't respond to this message right away or don't finish that task right now. By trying to keep up with everything, you can't focus on your work and it seems like nothing ever gets done.

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LiveHelfi's Gift Guide

Dagmar Bouwer on 01-Dec-2017 13:25:55

Do you also find it challenging to come up with gift ideas for the holidays? Or are you buying gifts for one of those strange biohackers that drink buttered coffee? These are some gift suggestions from LiveHelfi for people who want to improve their mental and physical performance.

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How to improve concentration

Dagmar Bouwer on 18-Aug-2017 11:14:00


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How to optimise your Bulletproof Coffee

Dagmar Bouwer on 22-Jul-2017 11:27:00

The coffee

You can use any coffee you like for this recipe, but some coffees will give a better result than others.

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Why Bulletproof Coffee works

Dagmar Bouwer on 21-Jul-2017 11:34:00

The Biology Behind Bulletproof Coffee

I will give a brief overview of how Bulletproof Coffee can be made and why you might want to make it. I will examine what biological mechanisms underlie the effects of the coffee recipe. 

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Bacterial communication networks and Restore

Dagmar Bouwer on 16-Jun-2017 11:44:00

Communication systems in your body

The human body has many different ways to communicate with itself. Proper communication is essential for cells, tissues, and organs to adapt what they are doing based on what is going on inside and outside of the body. A few examples:

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Bulletproof Protein snacks

Dagmar Bouwer on 17-Feb-2017 11:57:00

Quality of ingredients

Always when choosing protein bars, first you need to look at the quality of the ingredients. Second, come the pleasure of taste and texture. Luckily, with the Bulletproof bars and bites, you get all of them: high-quality ingredients, indulgent taste, and soft texture. For some, the texture might be a little too soft but think of it as a proof of not containing any artificial hardeners and fillers that most bars on the market do.

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